David's Birthday - almost A total BUST! :(

This weekend was supposed to be a romantic, exciting, FUN weekend for David and I (two days before we left for Disneyland for a week!!!) in celebration of his birthday...

I had a Whale Watching Tour all set up down in Monterey, lunch at our favorite Seafood Restaurant The Fishhopper, a romantic stroll up 17 Mile Drive and an afternoon down along the beach. I was so proud of myself for all my planning and was even more excited that it worked out for my mom to fly in early to care for Emily so we could celebrate ALONE! :) The weather was just perfect, our windbreakers and my personalized tote bag arrived from L.L. Bean two days early and David & I both had a great night's rest... what more could you ask for???

The tour we were taking at 1:30PM

We drove down to Monterey around 9:00AM as we were going to have lunch FIRST then, take the Whale Watching Tour. As we were having our Clam Chowder, I got an email on my IPhone from the Tour Company saying all tours were cancelled for the day because of strong winds and dangerously choppy waters.


Ugh... I nearly cried into my bread bowl and I could see David was crushed when I showed him the message.

We were both so upset, disappointed and just frustrated that we drove all that way (2 hours!) for nothing. I mean, don't get me wrong, there's TONS to do in Monterey but we had been there numerous times before and had sort of done it all... we really just wanted to take the Tour so, we decided to just go home but not before we took a few pictures of the first tour of the day that was coming back into the pier as we were leaving.

The Princess Monterey, the boat we SHOULD have been on at 1:30PM

The GINORMOUS Pelicans we saw splashing around the pier

Talk about feeling awful, I felt horrible, eventhough it wasn't my fault, I just felt badly that David was so excited about this as we have always wanted to do it and now, the day was shot and we had nothing to show for it.

We did end up going out to dinner late in the evening and to the movies to see Traitor, which was awesome so, the entire day wasn't lost and he did say that he had a great time. Better luck next year I guess. :)

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