Lunch out with my daughter

It's been a rough two months around here, with Emily approaching age 2 and exerting her independence more and more; testing boundaries, throwing tantrums, biting (yes, she has recently bit me out of jealousy and a desire for attention) and being a bit sassy-mouthed.

David and I have been working hard to set limits for her, communicating with her about her misbehavior as well as remembering to praise her for her manners and good behavior, trying to talk her down from tantrums instead of racing to punishment, which is so easy to do, and keeping her engaged, learning and exploring safely to help prevent boredum, which I've noticed is the #1 cause of her tantrums.

It's so easy to get wrapped up in all that we should be doing for our children and to miss out on some of the most fun, precious moments so, today, after my workout, I took Emily out to eat lunch at her favorite Mexican Food place (she loves the chips, salsa and the Crayons!). She was an angel, eating, coloring, pointing out all the shapes she could find (a triangle light fixture, square tiles on the walls and the circular patterned carpet), feeding me bites of her black beans and saying; "drink, please mommy" when she got thirsty.


What a great day to just enjoy being at home with my daughter, making these memories.

Emily, enjoying chips at La Pinata

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