Mom's don't get sick days :(

I have been sick for three days and I am fed up, I am sick of being sick! Blech :(

This sinus infection came on suddenly, at the end of the day on Friday, intensified quickly over the weekend and hasn't let up at all today. I tried my best to stay on the couch or in bed all weekend leaving all the "Emily duties" to David, who took over without hesitation and really did an outstanding job (thanks, babe, I owe you a weekend away!). I had high hopes that my 30 hours of sleeping, gallons of water ingested and constant medication would have me back up on my feet today because mom's who SAH (stay at home) rarely if ever get sick days but, alas, this was not the case and today was rough!

I couldn't even get out of bed this morning so, David got up with her at 8am and let me sleep until 10:30am, taking care of her completely. All I had to do was change one diaper, give her lunch and supervise her from the couch for about two hours and then, it was nap time. Oh, thank the Lord for nap time, especially on days like today! I slept nearly 3 hours while she slept and we did OK this afternoon, I just brought all her best toys out here into our living room and sort of played with her half hanging off the couch, only getting up to get her a snack.

Emily was really good playing with her toys fairly quietly (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV probably helped a great deal, I swear we watched 5 hours of TV today) and I was counting the minutes until bedtime when I could lay down again. Emily really loves bath time and has never resisted bedtime so, I was hopefully the rest of my day was going to go effortlessly.

Boy, was I wrong, everything went down hill around 5:30PM...

Because I was so drowsy from the medication, I was sloppy during dinner time and burned my arm with boiling hot water (I had made Emily spinach ravioli, which had to be drained in the sink and I slopped the water on myself) and dropped a spatula covered in marinara sauce on the floor, which splattered all over our white cabinets under the sink. argh!

I finally get that all cleaned up and it's time for Emily's bath.

I had run the water while she ate and put in some bubbles, knowing that would entertain her and keep her quiet and cooperative while I washed her hair but to my utter dismay, bath time was a huge disappointment and a lot of work; it came to a screeching halt when I realized she pooped in the tub. She must have done it the second she sat down because I only turned my back for a second to grab her shampoo from the cabinet. Ugh... I literally burst into tears and was a sobbing, snotty mess as I scooped poop from the tub and flushed it down the toilet, drained and then scrubbed the tub, refilled the tub with clean water & more bubbles and bathed my child.

The only good part of this whole mess was Emily saying over and over; "Ew, poop mommy", as if I hadn't seen it. And, when I let the water out of the tub she began to say her good-bye's as she does every night although she included a good-bye to the poop. :) God love her!

Thankfully, I got her into bed and when David got home from work, he helped me soak the bath items in disinfectant, rinse and re-rinse everything and clean up the bathroom. He also made us dinner and cleaned up the rest of the house from the mess Emily had made running around in our living room and dining room all day long, something she never does.

To say I am exhausted and hoping tomorrow is a better day is an understatement.

I really need a sick day.

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