NBL2 ~ Week 2

Another week and I keep losing weight and according to my ticker above, I am down 2.2lbs total.


I lost just shy of 1lb this past week and I bet that is because I am strength training too often and building up muscle mass which is causing me to gain a bit of weight. I'm totally OK with that, though. I honestly don't even care about the total pounds lost, I care more about looking lean and tone and fitting back into my normal size of clothes. :)

Even while being sick almost this entire last week, I did get to the gym on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, working out twice each day, combining water aerobics, spin class, circuit training and an Abs Blast class with a healthy diet.

I haven't been doing real well with drinking enough water and milk during the day, I just get so busy and I could go practically all day without drinking anything. Crazy! I actually have to remind myself to stay hydrated... but, I do guzzle about 32oz of water during/after each work out! :) I splurged a bit with pizza on Friday night and two sodas this past week but that's about it. I have been eating proper portions, getting in my vegetables and remembering to eat breakfast.

I'm so proud of myself and hope to hit it hard again this week!

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