A personalized car detail

Anyone who knows me knows that my car is just a car, nothing super fancy, nothing I would ever spend real money on, nothing I work hard to keep clean... it's just a vehicle.

Anyone who knows my husband knows that his car is a collector's item, a testament to who he is as a person, an extension of his personality, his baby, something he considers a precious hobby and his car is not only very expensive but immaculately clean, showroom quality clean on any given day.

It's no secret: David is embarrassed to drive my car, embarrassed of ME!

So, what did he decide to finally do about it?

No, he didn't nag me until I took it to get it detailed.

David, working hard with his new buffer to get all the water spots, swirls and oxidation cleared off

He purchased the power buffer and all the supplies and spent the entire weekend, about 18 hours, giving me a "Q-tip" detail (he actually used a Q-tip, hundreds of them, to clean every single crevice of my car!). My car looks better than it did the day we bought it, four years ago and he had the biggest smile on his face the entire time. He loves this stuff! He lives for his car hobby and I know he was excited to get out his new "toys" and test them out on my car first. ;)

Emily "helping" David clean my floor mats

I asked him why this weekend and he confessed that he didn't want my girlfriends to have to ride in my trashy SUV next weekend on our Girl's Weekend Away up in Napa Valley. Ha ha ha I never would've even thought to wash my car, let alone detail it, before letting my friends ride in it. We all have kids, they "get it" and I just don't care. But, boy was I excited to see the finished product and show it off to all my friends!

He's always so generous but this really takes the cake!

My SUV, almost done

Check out that shine! David used painters tape to keep the chrome parts clean of the polishing residue that can build up.

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