Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I do on a typical, week day:

1. Sleep in until about 9:00am (Thank GOD Emily is finally on a later schedule!!!) then, get up and make the bed and throw on my workout clothes.
2. When Emily wakes up, wrestle her to the ground to change her diaper, get her dressed and fix her hair.
3. Make breakfast for Emily, make a separate breakfast for David and I, run the juicer for David and Emily, prepare the diaper bag for Emily's mid-morning snack, make David's lunch and lay out something for dinner.
4. Head to the gym to take a Circuit Training Class while Emily goes to daycare and then, shower and get myself dressed for the day.
5. Run by Target to pick up some essentials, letting Emily have her snack in the car.
6. Make lunch for Emily and I, clean up the mess from lunch, wipe down the highchair, wipe down the counters, wipe down Emily, change her diaper and get her into her crib for her nap.
7. Sweep and mop the floors, return emails, unload/load the dishwasher, vacuum the rugs, sweep off the back deck and front porch, water my porch plants, call my mom, prepare the diaper bag for Emily's afternoon snack and *maybe* catch a few of my DVRed shows.
8. Get Emily up from her nap, redress her and off to the park we go for about an hour of playtime.
9. Head back to the gym for my water aerobics class while Emily goes to daycare.
10. Get home and start dinner while preparing Emily's dinner. While she eats, I rush around, cleaning the house, filling her bath with bubbles, cleaning her room, preparing her room for bedtime and finishing up our dinner.
11. Get Emily into the tub and bath her.
12. Get Emily into her PJs, brush her teeth, read her 3 or 4 books, give her a drink, give her a pacifier and get her into bed for the night.
13. Eat dinner while catching up on my emails, The Nest, Facebook AND trying to watch a few of our favorite TV shows before crashing into bed around 11:00PM.

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