Tuesday Toddler Tales

This week's Tuesday Toddler Tales is dedicated to the very sweet, caring, easy-to-please, contented personality of Emily... when she isn't throwing a tantrum that is. ;)

This morning, Emily and I picked up Patty and her daughter Ava and took them to the Berkeley Library with us for Story Time/Sing-a-long/Play Hour.

Poor Ava has been a bit traumatized lately, with her pregnant mommy breaking her ankle (she tripped over Ava's toys!) and having to watch her being carried away from their home in an Ambulance so, she's a bit clingy and has some extra sensitive needs. Poor Patty just recently got over her horrendous morning sickness, only to break her ankle... the poor girl just needs a break so, we (our mom's group) is rallying to get together and help her get Ava out and about, to keep her entertained since Patty is so limited on crutches right now. So, Ava was not happy to let go of her mother so I could help her into my car AND she was really unhappy when I buckled her into her car seat, in the back seat, where she wasn't in contact with her mother. Poor little darling, she cried the whole way to the library and didn't leave her mother's side the entire hour & a half we were there.

Here's where Emily comes into play...

Emily shared her snacks with Ava.
Emily helped Ava build a tower with blocks and let Ava knock it down.
Emily let Ava have her DVD player on her side of the car so she could watch Mickey Mouse.
Emily was quiet and calm the entire car ride to and from the Library.
Emily sang; "The wheels on the bus" TO Ava, adorable!!!
Emily tried to hold Ava's hand and even said; "bye bye Ava" when we dropped them off at home.

I thought I even saw Emily try to hug Ava while at the Library.

Too cute!

She really does have such a sweet, mild-mannered personality and just loves being around other children. She is happiest when with her friends for sure! :)

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