Tuesday Toddler Tales

This week's Tuesday Toddler Tales is all about words & phrases because Emily has so many of them now!

Our Pediatrician and an email I received recently said that about age 2, children have approximately 50 words/sounds that they use daily and begin to build on, into phrases and sentences and, based on the nearly 200 that Emily has, I would say that is really low! I guess it is an average and there are children who don't speak much until age 2 or 3. :)

Anyhow, Emily's most used words/phrases are:

Big steps (when going up/down the stairs to our house... they are STEEP!)
School bus goes beep beep (anytime I point out a bus)
Driving in the car (it's part of a song we sing while in the car)
Feed Lucy
Daddy's car
Run faster mama
Take bubble bath (she starts yelling this during dinner!)
Get in my chair (when we are getting into my car)
Big truck
I feed Rufus (the puppet at story time)
A drink please mama
More plum mama
Fall down, ouchie mama (every time she falls down)
No no, no touching (when she wants to touch something but knows she shouldn't!)
Where is it? (when doing a puzzle and trying to find all the pieces)
Get it please mama (when in her crib and drops her pacifier or a lovie outside the crib)
Sheet and blanket please (she loves to climb into our bed and cover herself up)
Uh oh, it's dirt (when she drops food on the ground or she gets her hands dirty)
Wiggle wiggle wiggle (she loves to dance and wiggle her butt)
Twinkle twinkle star! (she sings along but this part is what she knows best)
Mama go potty? (she loves to be in the bathroom with me)
Ants bite! (she yells when she sees ants outside)
Jump jump jump
Shoes on now (she tries to put them on herself... this is my signal that she needs help)
HELP! (she yells anytime she needs help doing anything)
Hop on pop, read hop on pop (one of her favorite books right now)
P-U stinky (I say this to her when she has a poopy diaper and she started saying it herself)

She says these things almost every single day, she talks non-stop and it's just adorable to watch her grow and learn how to communicate by putting 1-4 words together. The language explosion is just a miracle and always astounds me!

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