An afternoon with the ladies, decorating Halloween Cookies

It's no secret, we love our new neighborhood and we've made so many new friends here with all the families and I love that we keep getting invites to game night, dinner out and even to decorate Halloween Cookies!

Yes, I said "decorate Halloween cookies"! :)

Two doors down are Katy, David and their 16-year old son, Chris. Katy is the ultimate Martha-Stewart-esque-homemaker; baking and knitting being her two favorite past times. Every year, since her son was a toddler, their family, friends and even neighbors would get together at her home to decorate Halloween cookies to sort of welcome in the holiday and make it special for the kids. I was so touched that she invited David, Emily and I to attend this year and then, downright giddy that it was being held during Emily's nap so I could go alone. ha! Hey, mom's need fun, too!

So, at 2pm today, I headed over to Katy's house and was welcomed into what appeared to be a full-blown bakery!!! There were buckets of chocolate cookies in the middle of their dining room table and every sprinkle, gel pen, frosting flavor and Halloween candy you can imagine covering every other available surface. I brough gummy worms as requested and they were warmly welcomed as the annual favorite of the group. Katy welcomed me in, I said hi to everyone knowing most of the ladies present, and I sat down and got to work. I had the best time chit chatting and decorating and 4 hours just flew by! What a great way to spend an afternoon, getting to know my neighbors a bit better and look what I have to show for it:

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