On the hunt for a deep freezer...

The one and ONLY thing I can't stand about this house is the fridge that came with it... it's TINY, I swear it's not standard size and the freezer... well, you shouldn't even be allowed to call it that! It's minuscule, not deep enough, isn't wide enough, only has one shelf that is so low (and not adjustable!!!) that I can barely store chicken breasts two high! argh!

Well, I have suffered long enough and I am over it, David is researching freezers (upright and chest) as I type this and we are going to purchase one this weekend. Wahoo!!! We've even discussed checking out new side-by-side Fridge/Freezers as well and just replacing this one, which would be a double gift for me because the fridge, while manageable, isn't what I'm use to and is a bit cramped.

With my new freezer, I can finally shop at Costco for all our bulk freezer items (frozen berries, broccoli and cheese here we come!), I can finally buy more than 1 loaf of bread and take advantage of Safeway's "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" specials and I can finally start cooking and baking in larger quantities to freeze for later use... not to mention all the convenience I will be giving back to myself! :)

Can you tell I am ecstatic?

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