Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I am looking forward to right now:

1. The rain that is forecasted for this weekend... I don't know why, I guess I just miss it because it's only one specific time during the year and I love it so much!

2. Getting my new deep freezer this weekend.

3. Using my new Shark Steam Mop later on today.

4. Decorating our front yard and the front of the house for Halloween (it's a big deal in our neighborhood).

5. Watching "Lipstick Jungle" that I recorded last night.

6. Eating the lasagna I am making for dinner later on tonight.

7. Going to my spin class today at 6pm.

8. A trip into San Francisco to see our friends who just moved there and invited us over for a play date.

9. Sleeping in on Sunday (it's "my" day).

10. Seeing my mom at the end of this month!!!

11. My 29th birthday... on Halloween!

12. Reading both People Magazine and US Weekly, which arrived in my mailbox today, I love celebrity trash! :)

13. Getting my car washed on Saturday, it's filthy and I love having a clean car to drive around in.

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