Thursday Thirteen

Because I spent an hour and an unbelievable amount of money at The Container Store this morning AND spent nearly my entire day organizing our personal files, this week's Thursday Thirteen is all about the organizational projects I have done to improve our lives:

1. Created a "Pixar" file box because all things Pixar take up way too much room in our file boxes
2. Bought a Letter Document Box for just our tax returns (you have to keep 7 years worth, people!)
3. Shredded everything older than 7 years old!
4. Created a folder for all those important receipts you never know where to put exactly
5. Bought a Letter Document Box just for all our household manuals (you know: the lawnmower, the juice machine, the DVR box, Emily's crib, all Emily's electronic toys, the sprinkler system, the vacuum cleaner, etc., etc.)
6. Created a folder for Credit Monitoring to include current Credit Reports, Credit Scores and receipts from our monthly Credit Monitoring Bureaus.
7. Boxed up all those old files (older than 7 years) that we really wanted to keep like all my Student Loan information, Grades from College, High School Transcripts and the cars we've owned in our lifetime.
8. Bought, used and reused those erasable Hanging File and Folder Labels (LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!!)
9. Created a folder just for Warranty's - I always have a hard time finding these when I really need them most, like when my laptop dies or when the washing machines starts making funny noises. ha!
10. Created a folder just for our Emergency Contact Information
11. Purged my old receipts folder and shredded those that were for things I don't even have anymore!
12. Purchased one of those 4-drawer clear, plastic stacking bins and organized all our phone chargers, camera charges, office supplies, batteries, notecards and all the other "miscellaneous" crap that was crowded our desk.
13. Discussed scanning all this stuff into our computer so we'll have digital back up of all the really important stuff like our Tax Returns, Warraties and Vehicle Titles!

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