Holy CHEAP Gasoline, Batman!!!

Filling up my SUV is painful, to say the least, out here in California, at an average price of $4.35 per gallon!!!

Lately, gas prices have plummeted across the country and even more so with the help of Safeway!

Every time you spend $100 at Safeway, your Club Card records a $0.10 reward off every gallon of gas and those rewards are unlimited, even up to the point that your entire gas purchase is FREE!!! So, for example, if between 10/1/08 through 12/30/08, you spent $1,000 total at Safeway, you would have accumulated a $1.00 off per gallon for EVERY gallon of gas you buy at the pump in one transaction. Your rewards do expire, at the end of every Quarter (3/31, 6/31, 9/31 and 12/31) but, that's not really a problem for most people, even me and I only get gas once a month! Your rewards are printed at the bottom of your receipt and, when you go to the pump, it's very easy to either swipe your Club Card or type in your phone number to redeem your rewards!

Today, I got some things I needed for our Thanksgiving Dinner and saw that I had accumulated $0.70 off per gallon so far this quarter and noticed I was almost on "E" so, I drove next door to our brand new Safeway Gas Station here in Alameda and filled up for (wait for it...)...

Only $1.45 a gallon!!!

Isn't that insane?!?!?

I tend to do most of our staple shopping at Safeway and easily spend $400-500 a month so, it looks like I can count on $0.50-$0.60 off a gallon every time I fill up my tank! EEK!!!

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