Not sure my free sandbox was worth it...

We have been in the market for a sandbox/water table for a few months now but, knowing how quickly Emily moves from one activity to another, we did NOT want to buy a brand new one so, we've been scourering Craig's List!

David found one today... for FREE!!!

I called the woman, she sounded really nice and said she is giving the sand box away because they got a new one for her son's birthday and just didn't have room for two. It's brand new, has been cleaned out and was one of those HUGE ones with a lid! I was stoked so, I told her I'd come by around 6PM, after Emily's nap.

Just before leaving home, I input her address into my GPS and gasped when I realized she was just two blocks from Market Street in downtown Oakland. Ugh...

Ghetto, super scary area and I had to go alone. I almost called her and told her I had changed my mind because I just hate driving through that part of Oakland, especially after dark but, I decided to go because she said her husband would be on the curb to load it into my car at 6PM. I thought well, that should be OK, I can just pull up, load and drive off, without really even getting out of my car and Emily locked safely inside.

So, I drive over and pull into their driveway as a gaggle of questionable young men come walking up. At this point, I am getting a bit nervous but trying not to be ridiculous because how do I know this guys are going to do me any harm? Aren't I being stereotypical at this point assuming they are up to no good?!?! Before I could ask this question, Shannon's husband shows up, loads the sandbox and we are driving away, safely back to Alameda.

I can't wait to thoroughly sanitize the sandbox and get some sand in it for Emily to use!!!

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