Thursday Thirteen

This week's Thursday Thirteen is all about Emily (big surprise!), specifically the thirteen things she says most often, daily even:

1. Good morning, mama (Every morning... my heart melts)
2. Wash your hands? (After every meal she wants her hands washed immediately)
3. I can do it!
4. No poo poo, mama (When I ask her if she has pooped)
5. Hey, Jump Up! (Everytime we step outside she wants to run and jump around)
6. A snack, please?
7. I hold it (This applies to everything, she is Miss Independent these days)
8. No Crayons (When she doesn't want to color)
9. Come here, Come here Lucy!!!
10. Just one piece of candy?!?!? (She doesn't understand that Halloween is over and that she ONLY got to have that candy because it was Halloween)
11. Where's my Emmy? Peek-a-boo!! (I say this to her and she has started saying it back)
12. Sweet dreams, mama
13. Call my Gran? (Every time I am on the phone in her presence she thinks I am talking to Gran... and I usually am)

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