Thursday Thirteen

Because we are vamping up for Winter around here (and because Gap and Old Navy have sooooooooooooo many cute new things right now), this week's Thursday Thirteen is all about the cute clothes I just purchased for Emily!

1. Knit button pants
2. Adorable graphic long-sleeve tees
3. A Wool Coat
4. Split-neck long-sleeve tees
5. Skinny jeans to fit inside her boots!
6. Hoodies, who can resist?
7. Leggings!!!
8. A new pair of Converse Shoes (thankgoodness for Velcro!)
9. Drop-Waist Jumpers (I got both colors!)
10. Knit Henleys (I wish they had these in MY size!)
11. 2-in-1 Jersey Tops
12. Bootcut play leggings
13. Lodge-style long-sleeve tees

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