Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I am thankful for this year (no surprise since this week is Thanksgiving!!!):

1. That my mother is in perfect health after battling breast cancer... twice and that is my very best friend, my year-round personal cheering section, my hero, and often times my conscience
2. That I have a wonderful relationship with my only sibling and, because of that relationship, wanting to give Emily siblings
3. My own family is happy, healthy and creating new family traditions of our own every year
4. That I have a relationship with my father who is still my hero
5. That in such a recession, we aren't struggling financially
6. For the neighbors who quickly reached out to us, to welcome us and invite us to their homes for cookie decorating, Halloween parties and just to have a cup of coffee
7. For all my friends, new & old that are in my life for the right reasons, who love me and support me and have NEVER betrayed me
8. For the 10 years my dog, Shelby Lane, was in my life and how much better she made me as a person... yes, a pet can really influence a human's life
9. For my mom's group, the girls closest to me and my family at this point in my life, who would do anything for me and watching them reach out to others who might not have family to lean on
10. For my own physical, mental and emotional health - I am so happy, content and fulfilled, my life is perfect for me
11. For all the friends I have made through my online groups and communities, some of whom have become best friends... for life!
12. For our new President, Obama!
13. For all the efforts being put forth to "green up" our planet so that we can at least HOPE to leave this place better than it is during our lifetime


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