**BEST** Non-designer jeans... ever!!!

For those that know me, you know this post is a HUGE deal because I am such a denim snob, only buying designer denim for the most part because this post-baby body needs a very customized fit (everything ends up in a different place after birth, it's just odd!!!) which cannot be filled by the jeans you find in ordinary stores! I know I'm not crazy: most jeans these days are made for size 2 stick-thin models or 12 year old girls!

Well, Express has come out with a brand new line of denim and I am it's #1 fan right now!!!

While doing a bit of Christmas shopping, I came across their denim wall and fell in-love with the light-weight, dark wash fabric of their new line of jeans but was convinced they were all "ultra low rise" (butt crack is NOT attractive, people!) and wouldn't possibly go up over my size 8 hips but, I had some time to kill and thought I'd give them a try. I decided to go with the

Eva Fit: low rise, curvy fit, flare leg as this is most flattering on shorter women with thicker thighs, aka: me!

I tell ya, I nearly fainted from disbelief in the dressing room when those jeans slid on with ease and felt like my favorite pair of comfy PJs! I did the "sitting" test as well as the "bending over" test and neither time did I have a muffin top (my girls know what I'm talking about here!) nor any gapping at the waist and my crack was 100% safely tucked inside the pants! To make things even better, all jeans are $20 off per pair and the "short" cut was the perfect length to wear with my Sketchers and Ballet flats, requiring no hemming!

I bought 3 pairs and left the happiest I have been since 2006 when I discovered Joe's Jeans at Nordstrom's!


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