Christmas 2008 - Christmas Eve Service, Petting Zoo and Opening Gifts!!!

Time has flown by, it's already Christmas Eve!!!

Tonight is the annual Petting Zoo at Austin Christian Fellowship Church (ACF) and Emily's 2nd year to attend.

After lunch and her nap, we all drove over to ACF at 4:00PM and Emily was squealing with excitement and yelling out all the animals she could see from her carseat the moment we drove up. She took off running to the gated area and just couldn't decide which animals she wanted to touch first. She surprised us all when she flew past the Pony, Cow, Donkey and adorable bunnies and bolted after the little chickens! She had zero fear no reservations and began chasing after this little white chicken first and eventually nabbed him... she picked him up, gently, carefully and showed him to us as we stood nearby but outside the gates. She was so proud of herself and even set him down gently when he began to squirm. These animals are domesticated and are a traveling petting zoo, all pets of the owners who were so nice and attentive to ensure all the kids got help with petting and carrying around all the animals. Emily went after a little grey chicken next and then, a big fat hen! David helped her pick up this gigantic goose and then, she went back to the little white chicken. I swear, she would've taken that little chicken home if she had the chance!

At 5:00PM, we left Emily in the 2 year old Toddler room to play with other children and toys while we went to Service, which was amazing and then, we took her back to the petting zoo for a few minutes after Service was over.

We were a bit worried about her having a nuclear meltdown when it was time to go home so, we bribbed her with a fresh cookie (provided by the church!) and she willingly walked away! So nice!

We had Rudy's BBQ for dinner and tucked Emily into bed before we, the adults, opened all our gifts. Yes, our family tradition is for the adults to open all their gifts once the children are in bed so that the children are center of attention on Christmas Day as there are always batteries that need to be installed, toys to put together, boxes to break down and trash to dispose of... the day is chaotic, at best and we don't want to miss a single moment! Plus, children, especially at age 2, aren't especially patient so, the adults wouldn't really get a chance to relax and enjoy exchanging gifts, which is a shame! :)

We must have all been very good this year because "Santa" was nice to us all and it was so nice to share a few bottles of champagne and dessert and really enjoy the evening!


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