Christmas 2008 - Emily's First Bounce House

Aunt Jenny had the most incredible idea to take Emily to Inflatable Wonderland today, which is this HUGE indoor space filled with blow up bounce houses and giant slides that only costs $5 per child for all day play on Tuesdays!

So, we took Emily today, first thing this morning when they opened at 10:00AM and to say she loved it is an understatement!

She was a bit skeptical at first, not really even sure what to do once she crawled into each of the "Under 5 years old" houses but quickly caught on, watching the other kids in action. She bounced herself into the giggles and eventually mastered this slide... she was so proud of herself! She bounced and ran around and really enjoyed herself for 2 hours before she was just beat and we needed to head home for lunch and naptime.

You can see the ubber cute videos on Emily's Video Blog:



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