Christmas 2008 - Merry Christmas!!!

After leisurely waking up, taking time to get dressed and enjoy some breakfast, we told Emily Santa had visited Gran's house and left her some presents under the tree. She responded by eagerly running over to the tree, kneeling down and examining all the packages. She was mumbling something and pointing but never once actually grabbed a gift... it was really cute, like she was waiting for instructions for what to do, exactly. :)

We put her in the middle of living room floor, set all her gifts next to her and showed her how to open them and she quickly caught on, tearing at the bows, asking for "help" and ripping the paper off. She was so excited about all the Fisher Price Little People toys Gran and Aunt Jenny bought for her and honestly didn't want to keep opening presents, she just wanted to "open" each toy and play with it immediately so, we put Gran on toy-opening duty and David on battery installation while Aunt Jenny and I continued to help her open the rest of her gifts. Emily's favorite gifts were her Leslie Patricelli books ("Blankie", "Yummy Yucky" and "Binky"); Little People Castle, Horse & Carriage and Amusement Park; Sticker Books and new Magnadoodle! She didn't care too much about all the new clothes & sweaters and her very first Baby Doll, a Madame Alexander Newborn, but I'm sure she'll appreciate them one day. She was especially offended by the doll, even slapping it across the face and stepping on it. I guess David and I now know how she would feel about a sibling. LOL!

In a few short hours, Emily was in toy heaven and possibly even a little overwhelmed by all the newness that surrounded her! She got so many wonderful toys, books, clothes and even a new Anywhere Chair cover - thank you so much Gran and Aunt Jenny for your very generous gifts!!!

We spent the rest of the morning making a traditional Christmas feast of glazed ham, dressing, mashed potatoes with gravy and even home-made biscuits and spent the afternoon lounging and enjoying our gifts while Emily napped. It was magical and memorable and the best Christmas we've had to date... although I say that every year. ;)


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