Christmas 2008 - Nightwakings, argh!

We've had such a wonderful time here in Texas with my family and Emily has had a great time, being in a new place and enjoying all the toys my mom bought for her so she'd feel at home, especially the Art Easel.

Our only problem is that Emily is keenly aware of us sleeping in the same room as her and she has started calling out to us between 2-5AM almost every night. Argh!!! :(

She goes to bed before us and has a fan as well as her sound machine so, she doesn't her us when we come to bed later on nor do we think she hears us moving around or making any kind of noise in the night... we just think that she has realized that we are in the room with her because she sees us when we all wake up in the mornings. We think that she remembers we are there and, when she wakes up at night, instead of soothing herself back to sleep, as she has for the past 2 years, she stands up and begins to cry out for us. It usually starts with:

"Daddy... where are you?" because David is always the one to get up with her at night and has been for over a year now. Then, it escalates to her dropping her pacifier and her lovies outside her Pack 'n Play and saying; "Uh, oh binky" and "Uh, oh Bun-Bun & Lambkins", waiting for Daddy to rescue them... her way of getting attention late at night when she can't fall asleep at home. Then, if we don't tend to her, she begins to cry and sqeal, jump up and down in the Pack 'n Play and cry for me; "Mommy, are you there?". haha It's actually really cute and sweet but after the third night in a row, we were all exhausted and it wasn't so funny anymore.

So, my mom moved downstairs (since she went back to work for part of this week) and gave David & I her bedroom suit so Emily could have a bedroom to herself and she stopped waking up crying out for us after only one night of our new arrangment.


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