Thursday Thirteen

Since we are traveling back to Texas for three weeks this month, this week's Thursday Thirteen is all about packing for our trip!

Thirteen things we have to pack because we are traveling with our 2 year old:

1. Video Monitor - we never go anywhere without it because SEEING is KNOWING, especially at this age!
2. Sound machine - again, we never go anywhere without it but especially when traveling because we normally share a room with Emily and neither of us get much sleep if we are listening to her flip, flop, stretch, kick and moan all night long. Every little noise is magnified when you are a parent!
3. Pack 'n play and familiar bedding from Emily's bed
4. "bun-bun" and "lambkins", Emily's lovies that she sleeps with
5. Benedryl, Tylenol and Epi-pen because of Emily's egg allergy
6. 4 sippy cups, 4 snack traps, 2 plates, a set of silverware and 5 pacifiers
7. Thermometer
8. Emily's favorite books for her bedtime routine
9. Long-sleeve, footed PJs because it's super cold at night time in Texas and none of us can sleep with the heater on at night
10. Emily's DVD player for the long airplane ride and the 2 hours waiting in the airport (that thing saves us every time we travel!!!)
11. A carry on bag full of toys, books, a notepad & Crayons, DVDs, animal flash cards, Emily's Magnadoodle, Play-Doh and a few new toys she's never seen before, including a new Sounds puzzle!
12. A change of clothes in my diaper bag in case of a "blowout" or spillage while eating/drinking
13. Dozens of snacks that we take on the plane, including things she rarely/never gets at home like Juice, cookies and chocolate pudding!


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