20 Random Things About Me...

I was "tagged" on Facebook to write 20 random things about myself and here they are:

1. I'm quite the Extrovert: I love being surrounded by people, hosting parties, helping others, meeting new people and hanging out with my friends and family but my circle of best friends is actually really small and rarely is anyone new invited in. I play my cards close to my chest, at least the important cards, and it takes me a long time to truly trust someone and let them in to more than just the superficial layer of my life.
2. I'm left-handed but the only thing I do with my left hand is eat.
3. I've never had a cavity.
4. I was nominated and then, chosen to be The Commencement Speaker at my College Graduation Ceremony in The School of Business and it was one of the most memorable moments of my life!
5. I hate wearing shoes and wish I could wear flip flops every day of my life.
6. I'm a magazine junkie and have 8 subscriptions that I renew annually.
7. My mother taught me to cook and bake at a very young age and I can make just about anything these days, even without a recipe. It's one of my very favorite past times and I secretly have always wanted to go to Culinary School and become a Professional Chef.
8. I like even numbers and am a bit obsessed about them: the volume of the TV, radio and computers as well as the thermostat in our house and the kitchen timer when I'm cooking/baking always have to be set to an even number.
9. I have this uncanny ability to play just about any instrument after watching someone else play for just a few minutes and I taught myself to play "Amazing Grace" on the piano when I was in 5th grade, although I can't read sheet music.
10.. I have always been an Honor Student, grades always came easy to me and I wish I could be a Professional Student and just take classes every day of the rest of my life!
11. I love television and watch about 6 hours every day.
12. I can't stand for my hands to be wet or dirty and wear gloves anytime I'm in the kitchen or cleaning. I don't like to help David with the yard work and I can't stand to play in the sandbox with Emily!
13. I suck at video games and wouldn't cry if I never set foot inside a Dave 'n Busters again but I love old fashion board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue, Life and Mancala.
14. I look great in red!!!
15. I don't wear bracelets because I hate the way they bang around on my computer, in the kitchen and against my steering wheel.
16. I don't drink juices and I don't like 99% of fruit-flavored candy.
17. Being a mother has been the best "job" I've ever had and if I never had to return to a job outside of my home I'd be thrilled!
18. Skirts make me look short and stumpy... I have fat knees!
19. I can't stand talking on the phone and often go days without even knowing where my IPhone is!
20. I can't stand the smell of vanilla, you'll never find a vanilla candle in my house.


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