How do you *not* know how to fold a towel?!?!?

Grrr... does anyone else re-fold the towels because their husband doesn't do it correctly?

David folds the towel long-way in half, as the video first suggests but then, makes the mistake to fold it in half the opposite direction next, rather than continuing to fold it in half the same long-way again. Doing this results in a sloppy, square mess rather than a sleek, smooth rectangle and the towels don't fit in the cabinet the way he folds them but that doesn't stop him from shoving them in there, which results in the towels becoming wrinkled and unfolded. Once I discover the mess in the cabinet, I normally take all the towels out and refold them, leaving 1 for him to come fold himself with the help of my instruction. He does a great job and says he'll do it that way from now but it seems bad habits die hard (or not at all in my case!).

Here is a demo video on how to properly fold a towel:

Should I not be complaining because "atleast my husband does the laundry"?!?!? I know, I know, my complaint seems really silly but I have so little to complain about... give me this one, people!


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