Long hours and mandatory Saturdays... boo! ;(

Today was David's first day back at work since December 16th and boy did we both get some rotten news: it's crunch time on this film so, he'll be asked to put in 65+ hours each week in order to meet his Lighting quota and the entire Company is going to be working on Saturdays from now until the end of March.

Boo!!! :(

I know it's just a fact of life in the Film Industry, I get it and I go out of my way to make David's life as easy as possible because he still helps me with Emily every morning and works hard on Sundays to get the laundry done, entertain Emily, spend time with me and try to get some alone time for himself but darn it that I'll be doing bath time and bed time myself for a long time to come. My nerves tend to be shot by the time David gets home most days and I really look forward to him getting Emily all ready and into bed while I prepare us dinner, pour myself a glass of wine and just try to wind down off "mommy time".


Lord, give me strength these next few months...


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