Thursday Thirteen

It's time for a car wash, an inside detail actually... my car is disgusting and this week's Thursday Thirteen *might* motivate you to wash your own car, should you pull things out of it similarly to what I pulled out of mine this past week!

Thirteen things I found in my car:

1. A banana peel
2. 6 Crayons and the paper they *were* wrapped in that Emily took off
3. Something resembling Goldfish crackers ground into the carpets in the backseat
4. A bag of cat food that I remembered buying a month ago but couldn't find, sheesh!
5. A dried out bag of wipes... dried out because the lid was left open, grrrrr!!!
6. Two hoodies and a coat, all in desperate need of a washing!
7. The green top to a strawberry
8. Two umbrellas
9. A pair of flip flops I thought I accidentally donated to Goodwill
10. A popped balloon (don't ask!)
11. An apple core
12. Fruit snack wrappers... too many to count!
13. A melted tube of chapstick

So gross! But, I'm happy to report my car IS clean now and I hope to keep it that way for at least a month!


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