Thursday Thirteen

I love Target!

I mean, I really love Target; I can never just "get in and get out" and always end up leaving with way more than what was on my list so, this week's Thursday Thirteen is all about what I got that was not on my list at Target this week!

Thirteen things I bought at Target that were not on my list:

1. Valentine's Day cards for all my friends & family members (it's just around the corner, people!!)
2. Valentine's Day-themed sprinkles, cookie cutters and little storage boxes to hold all those cookies and cupcakes Emily and I plan on making next month (I think Emily is at the right age to begin "helping" me)
3. A book of stickers from the $1 isle for Emily (I was bribing her to be quiet so I could shop)
4. Canned Mandarin oranges (Safeway was out last week and I forgot I had wanted to pick some up, good thing I saw these!!!)
5. Tea bags (who doesn't need tea bags? we drink a ton of tea in this house!)
6. Gigantic box of Sugar-free Redbull because those babies were on sale!!!
7. Knee-high socks (I love to wear these around the house in the Winter)
8. Diapers (again, these were on sale and we'd use them anyway!)
9. A cropped rain jacket (it was too cute to leave there!)
10. A bottle of water (I got thirsty waiting in line)
11. A map of the Greater Bay Area (because Emily grabbed this off the shelf at the checkout and ripped it so, I felt I had to purchase it... argh!!!)
12. A box of Crayons (these disappear in our house)
13. 8-pack of Viva paper towels because they were on sale... I actually have two packages at home but we go through them quick and they were on sale!!!


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