Thursday Thirteen

I love to read and after close observation, I realize that I read a lot throughout the day!

Here are thirteen things I read just today:

1. Real Simple magazine, February 2009 issue
2. The instruction manual for my Shark Steam Mop
3. 25 Random Things About Meghan Butler on Facebook
4. The tag inside my new coat to figure out how to clean it
5. My Safeway receipt to see how much money I saved with my coupons AND how much money I have earned off per gallon of gas this quarter
6. The last chapter of The Secret Life of Bees (I'm finally done with it!!!)
7. My AMEX bill
8. A "Save the Date" postcard from my good friends Jason & Frederique
9. The nutrition label on a bag of Snyder's unsalted mini pretzels
10. An email from my girlfriends about "Girl's Night In" tomorrow night
11. US Weekly Magazine
12. The sales flyers for Safeway, Nob Hill, Trader Joe's and Lucky grocery stores because they all are having "72 Hour Sales" for the Superbowl weekend and we need to stock up!
13. The Pottery Barn Kids website... I'm searching for ideas for Emily's Big Girl Room


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