2.22.09 - Weekly Meal List and Challenge Check-In

Week 2 of my new Meal Planning Challenge was also a success!

Last week, we stuck to our menu, ate everything we had on our Meal List and we ordered Pizza on Saturday night, as I had planned for. David took his lunch to work everyday last week, Emily & I ate at home every day last week and we all three had breakfast at home last week.

I spent $105.87 today, only going over my $100 per week goal because I had to purchase Tylenol Severe Cold medicine, which was on sale for only $3.99 (Originally $7.99!). Yea, me!

Organic bananas and Organic peaches (actually cheaper than regular this week... I normally shop Berkeley Bowl and my local Farmer's Market for Organic produce, NOT Safeway!)
Green onions
2lbs each of Carrots, celery, kale and green apples (for David & Emily's morning juice... I buy this every week!)
(5) Light & Fit yogurt (David's lunch each week)
(5) Knudsen's Cottage Cheese & Fruit doubles (Emily's snack this week)
Ricotta cheese, goat cheese & mozzarella cheese (all for this week's Lasagna night)
(2) Renwood Zinfandel (Lasagna night is also the night we'll have guests for dinner)
(2) canned Mandarin Oranges (Emily's snack this week)
(2) canned diced tomatoes with Italian Seasoning (1/2 off sale!)
Lay's BBQ chips
1/2 gallon of milk
Fig newton snack packs

This week's meals:
Meatloaf and mashed potatoes and haricovert
Chicken Fried Rice
Shrimp scampi linguini with garlic bread
Leftovers/cereal/sandwich night
Turkey burgers
Lasagna and mixed greens salad
Eating out

Masterlist Tally as of today:
  • (16) 1lb portions of chicken
  • (1) 1lb portions of lean ground beef
  • (3) 1lb portions of lean ground turkey
  • (3) 1lb portions of stew meat
  • New York Strip Steaks
  • (2) - Homemade pizzas
  • (1) - 1lb Catfish
  • (2) - Frozen Ravioli
  • 1 - Turkey burger
  • 1 - Fried Chicken sandwich
  • Turkey meatballs enough for 3 Meatball dishes
  • (3) 1lb portions raw shrimp
  • (3) 1lb Italian sausage
  • (2) 1lb Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage for Lasagna
  • (8) Leftovers
  • (9) Eating out


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