Thursday Thirteen

This week's Thursday Thirteen is all about colors! A neat idea I had while sleeping (I am so strange sometimes!) so, here goes:

Thirteen colors I love and why each has a place in my life:

1. Red - to decorate my living room with: candles, damask print pillows, a lampshade... all red!
2. White - crown molding and base boards: it really makes my hardwood floors and wall color pop
3. Black - shirts/sweaters/coats to wear because they are slimming and don't show sweat marks!
4. Green - my favorite crayon and Sharpie pen color to write with. It's also the color of money so, there ya go!
5. Purple - notecards/stationary/"Thank you" notes: purple feels happy, calm and whimsical
6. Espresso brown - that deep, rich, warm wood in my entertainment center, dining room furniture and bedroom furniture makes my home feel so inviting
7. Gold - the vase, picture frame and wall clock that compliments the red in my living room. Also, my current favorite jewelry to wear and the color of my newest Coach handbag!
8. Cream - the color of my super comfy sectional couch that is a great background for all the red & gold ;)
9. Pink - the duvet cover on my daughter's bed because when I think "girl" I immediately think pink
10. Charcoal grey - the color of the leather in my car and the color I'd like my next car to be on the outside! It hides dirt and water spots and looks great on any SUV!
11. Teal - the color of the fabric on my diaper bag and, although I've never been a fan of blue, it looks more green to me (my favorite color!) next to the other colors and I just love it!
12. Burnt orange - the color of The University of Texas Longhorns and reminds me of my hometown of Austin, TX and all the friends & family I still have there
13. Coral - my current favorite shade of lip gloss to wear in the daytime!


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