Tuesday Toddler Tales

Tuesday Toddler Tales is a weekly post I add to my blog in order to share a bit of Emily with the world... well, to those who aren't close friends or family members who have access to Emily's Babysite, in which case this post is a repeat for some.

Yesterday, Emily and I were driving home from Bay Farm Island: she was happily but noisily chowing down on some sunflower seeds and bopping along to Katey Perry when all of a sudden she let out a wail and I watched her hand fly up to her mouth in my rear view mirror. Her eyes filled up with tears and she rubbed her mouth as she sputtered; "Oh, no... my, uh... my, my, my TOOTH!!!". As soon as I heard this, I started laughing because she was desperate to find the word "tooth" and she tends to be very dramatic these days!

Now, 2 1/2 year olds say the darndest things and you never can be 100% sure that the words they are using accurately describe a situation so, I wasn't immediately alarmed about her tooth. I continued to glance in the mirror at her while driving us the remaining 1 mile home and noticed that tears were streaming down her face and she didn't look like she was faking it. She kept saying; "My tooth, it hurts... it hurts really bad" and rubbing her mouth so, I pulled over in Lincoln High School's parking lot and went to her side of the car so I could examine her mouth up close.

She opened up wide and I rubbed my finger all along her gums and the inside of her teeth and didn't find anything. I can only assume that maybe she bit down hard, knocking her teeth against each other... I couldn't find any blood and her tongue looked perfectly fine.

I gave her a kiss on each side of her mouth and she looked at me, through pleeding, watery eyes and said; "More?!?!?". haha I kissed her a dozen more times and she was finally ready to hit the road but she did not want anymore sunflower seeds!!!

She rubbed her mouth and requested a few more kisses throughout the day but it seems she's fine. :)


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