3.15.09 - Weekly Meal List and Challenge Check-In

If you want to follow me in this journey, start HERE and read up on the last 4 weeks!

Week 5 of my new Meal Planning Challenge was another HUGE success!

Such a huge success that, when my Costco book of coupons arrived in the mail yesterday, I didn't run right out and buy up a whole bunch of stuff like I normally do. In order to not miss out on anything on sale, I carefully looked over each coupon and realized nothing was on sale that we normally eat so, in the trash those coupons went and I stayed the course of this challenge! GO ME! :)

I spent only $62.91 today because I had most everything I needed for this weeks meals:

Organic bananas
Organic pears
2lbs each of Carrots, celery, kale and green apples (for David & Emily's morning juice... I buy this every week!)
(5) Light & Fit yogurt (David's lunch each week)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2lbs Deli meat
1lb Deli cheese
Green onion
Sesame seeds
YoBaby Yogurt (2 packages because I had a coupon through Safeway for $1 off two!)
Sub rolls

This week's meals (Sunday 3/15-Saturday 3/22):
Fried chicken sandwiches
Turkey chili with cornbread
Chicken fajitas
Meatball subs
Chicken-fried rice
Eating out

Masterlist Tally as of today:
  • (8) 1lb portions of chicken
  • (1) 1lb portions of lean ground beef
  • (2) 1lb portions of lean ground turkey
  • (2) 1lb portions of stew meat
  • (2) - Homemade pizzas
  • (2) - Frozen Ravioli
  • 1 - Fried Chicken sandwich
  • Turkey meatballs enough for 3 Meatball dishes
  • (2) 1lb portions raw shrimp
  • (3) 1lb Italian sausage
  • (2) 1lb Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage for Lasagna
  • (5) Leftovers
  • (6) Eating out


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