3.29.09 - Meal Planning Challenge and Weekly Check-In

If you want to follow me in this journey, start HERE and read up on the last 7 weeks!

Week 7 of my new Meal Planning Challenge was another HUGE success and I honestly can't believe my challenge is almost over because it's been utterly painless, fun even! :) We are running out of the "basics" I am normally fully stocked on, like dried pastas, canned fruits, frozen vegetables, frozen breads/buns, cereal bars and frozen french fries that I had purchased from Costco when I began this challenge, which means I am having to purchase them each week at Safeway prices... so NOT a bargain!!! I am being very diligent on stocking up when they are "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" or on sale at Safeway but as a note for future challenges, I need to think harder about all the things I will need that I can purchase in bulk at Costco, which will honestly only require a bit more meal planning on my part in the beginning... something I obvious can do!

Another thing I wanted to add is that my produce list changes each week, if you all have noticed and that is because 1) I buy whatever is on sale at Safeway/Trader Joe's/Whole Foods that week and 2) Emily's "favorite" fruit changes every week it seems and I was finding myself throwing out standards like apples and bananas each week, which I despise! So, in order to keep her guessing and continue to save money, I only buy whatever is on sale that week! :)

I spent $82.81 today for this weeks meals:

Organic bananas
Organic mangos
Green seedless grapes
2lbs each of Carrots, celery, kale and green apples (for David & Emily's morning juice... I buy this every week!)
(5) Light & Fit yogurt (David's lunch each week)
Russett potatoes
Red new potatoes
Rigatoni dried pasta
Canned crushed tomatoes
Canned tomatoe paste
Organic Romaine hearts
Blue cheese vinaigrette dressing
Black beans (in the can)
Fresh Mozzarella cheese
Frozen chicken nuggets

This week's meals (Sunday 3/28-Saturday 4/5):
Turkey meatloaf with mashed potatoes
BBQ beef-stuffed baked potatoes
Rigatoni with italian sausage
Honey-mustard chicken sandwiches
Grilled chicken salad
Eating out

Masterlist Tally as of today:
  • (5) 1lb portions of chicken
  • (1) 1lb portions of lean ground turkey
  • (2) 1lb portions of stew meat
  • (1) - Homemade pizzas
  • (1) - Frozen Ravioli
  • Turkey meatballs enough for 2 Meatball dishes
  • (1) 1lb portions raw shrimp
  • (3) 1lb Italian sausage
  • (2) 1lb Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage for Lasagna
  • (3) Leftovers
  • (4) Eating out


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