Emily's New Shoes - who knew I'd love See Kai Run so much?!?!?

At the recommendation of a very good friend, I shopped the lastest See Kai Run sale online and ended up ordering 4 pair because I love them so much!

After she has worn them for a few days, it's more than obvious to me why these shoes come with their hefty price tag: they have amazingly SOFT, supple suede-like lining on the inside, perfect for wearing without socks (should your child prefer!) without the chance of a blister; the soles or supportive and great for running around outside but extremely flexible and comfortable; the variety of styles & colors available guarantee you'll find something perfect for your little one. I ended up getting two shades of pink, a red pair and a brown/turquoise pair as these colors dominate Emily's Spring/Summer wardrobe!

Check them out:


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