My FIRST blogging award!!!

My wonderful friend, Kathy, at The Wrights of Passage nominated me for the Kreative Blogger award and I am just stunned! I only thought I blogged for myself... I had no idea others actually read this ole thing much less love it! Thanks, girl, what a wonderful surprise to read about today!

There are rules that come with this award and I guess I had better follow them if I hope to be nominated for future awards (hahaha!!!):

The rules are simple -

Write 7 things that you LOVE and give out the award to some AWESOME bloggers!

I decided the 7 things I love would be 7 blogs I love instead and these are the same 7 I am passing this award on to:

1. - My BFF Kathy from High School who has the most beautiful family and baby #2 on the way! She is the scrapbook QUEEN and is always coming up with gorgeous new backgrounds for her blog. If I could change one thing it would be that we were neighbors so we could raise our kids together as we always talked about in High School. I miss ya, babe!

2. - Christine is a very dear friend of mine who welcomed me into our Mom's Group with open arms and has the most adorable and intelligent little 2 1/2 year old daughter, whom she regularly blogs about. The way she writes is so engaging, hilarious and never sugar-coated... I never miss a day of reading her blog!

3. - My friend, Jenn, that I met while in college writes this blog about her life as a young, married mother to one 2 1/2 year old toddler named Emma. Jenn and I got pregnant at nearly the exact same time and it's been so special to share in this journey with her. She's the craftiest person I know and always willing to share her latest projects with me!

4. - Lindsay and I met through a mutual friend several years ago and she truly started this blogging wave I have been on for the past few years and even has her own business custom-designing blogs... including mine! She has a 3 year old boy whom is her whole world and I personally have learned so much about parenting thanks to her blogging about her experiences.

5. - Meghan is another High School friend of mine who is all grown up (we think!) and living her big adventure out in Vermont. She's a fantastic writer, incredibly witty and quite funny... she's always the first to laugh at herself and then at you!

6. Dee Irish's Blog: How It Really Is - this is a PRIVATE blog so, in order to respect her privacy, I'm not linking her blog, which wouldn't matter anyway because you have to be an invited reader with a password to read anyway. Dee is THE funniest person I have ever known and I am so thankful to call her "friend". We met at work, I actually made sure she was hired to work WITH me and we grew to be fast friends, hopeful of a reunion again this year. Dee's blog is all about her triumphs and struggles as a woman trying to have it all, balancing her career with her home life and I can always count on her to never leave out a juicy detail, no matter bad!

7. - THE best Baker, frequently on Oprah and in magazines for her infamous Cake Pops... her blog always inspires me and makes me drool a bit.


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