Thursday Thirteen

Things (may not actually be 13) that I absolutely love, can't live without and feel my life is better for:

1. Isotonic® Memory Foam Side Sleeper Pillow
I am a 100% side-sleeper and have had neck and back pain for years due to not having the correct pillow and I finally found my saving grace at Bed, Bath & Beyond!

2. MomAgenda Day Planner
With it's full month views a page before each of the weekly page views, I can keep track of all our bills, David's paychecks, all our meals each week and all of Emily's activities and our family appointments. This thing is the perfect size and has the most perfect layout for this Type A Control Freak! :)

3. Summer Day/Night Color Video Monitor
I can SEE Emily when she's in her room playing, napping and asleep at night so I can rest in peace knowing she doesn't need me should I want to watch TV, sit outside on the porch to enjoy some peace & quiet and sunshine or to cook dinner down the hall!

4. My IPhone
I have no idea how people DON'T have one of these. I have instant GPS, maps/directions, all my contacts from my computer address book, ALL of my email accounts, internet access, the weather, unlimited texting for quick replies, an awesome speaker phone with voicemail you can SEE and automatically delete should you not need (or want!) to listen to it, etc., etc., etc. I could go on and on about all of the free applications I have downloaded that have made my life so much easier including Bank of America,, and UrbanSpoon restaurant locator but I won't because this would turn into a novel!

5. The $1 bin at Target
This is the first place we stop as soon as I get Emily in a shopping cart because there is always something she wants that keeps her entertained while I shop and I don't even mind actually purchasing it because it is only $1. What a bargain: $1 for a stress-free hour's worth of shopping!

I honestly just don't have the time to answer every phone call from our wonderful, involved, excited family members and friends who want to be a part of our lives and know what is going on with little Emily (and us!) so, a long time ago, I set up a website at and I work hard to update it at least once a month. I have gotten so much positive feedback from those friends & family members about how wonderful it is to have this "window" into our lives that they can check at their leisure without worrying they are calling at a bad time so, we have decided to continue the site indefinately!


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