4.5.09 - Meal Planning Challenge and Weekly Check-In

If you want to follow me in this journey, start HERE and read up on the last 8 weeks!

Week 8 of my new Meal Planning Challenge was another success, as I have come to expect. It's crazy how my shopping habits have changed completely from what they use to be: if I forgot to thaw out something for dinner or was missing an ingredient because of poor planning earlier in the week, I'd hop in the car and go to the store, picking up all the things I needed and ending up tossing a ton of other stuff into my cart as well, always spending $150-$200 every trip! INSANE!!!

Now, if I forget to thaw something out, that night will be "leftover" night or "eating out" night as those are my only options and it's strange how I have fully accepted this new rule without complaint. This is just the way it is, I know it and I have stuck by it... I'm so proud of me! :) To be honest, I've only forgotten to thaw something out once; getting up every morning, choosing what to eat and thawing out all the necessary ingredients is part of my routine now!

Only a few more weeks to go... I'm only looking forward to the end of this challenge because that means it's time to start a new challenge, which means a trip to Costco, wahoo!

I spent $52.33 today for this weeks meals:

Fuji apples
Corn on the cob
Green beans
2lbs each of Carrots, celery, kale and green apples (for David & Emily's morning juice... I buy this every week!)
(5) Light & Fit yogurt (David's lunch each week)
Southern-style fish fry meal
Mott's Fruit snacks

This week's meals (Sunday 4/5-Saturday 4/11):
Fried shrimp with steak fries
Lasagna and a Salad
Peach-BBQ Chicken with corn and green beans
Home made Pizza
Frozen Ravioli and a Salad
Eating out

Masterlist Tally as of today:
  • (3) 1lb portions of chicken
  • (1) 1lb portions of stew meat
  • (1) - Homemade pizzas
  • (1) - Frozen Ravioli
  • Turkey meatballs enough for 2 Meatball dishes
  • (1) 1lb portions raw shrimp
  • (2) 1lb Italian sausage
  • (1) 1lb Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage for Lasagna
  • (2) Leftovers
  • (3) Eating out


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