Green Giant Simply Steam - perfect for kids!!!

My parents were lucky, I always loved vegetables and still do now as an adult but it's hard to buy & prepare, and eventually throw away, fresh produce when you live in a household like mine with a husband who thinks potatoes are the only acceptable vegetable and a toddler that won't touch anything that isn't a chicken nugget!

I found myself spending outrageous amounts of money on fresh, Organic produce and outrageous amounts of time to prepare them only to throw away 3/4 of everything I made as I was the only one eating them. It was maddening to watch Emily push her plate away, even throw the peas on the floor at one time, and not be able to eat the leftovers fast enough myself so, I gave up and stopped buying vegetables all together for a few months. Until now!

Safeway regularly has these Green Giant Simply Steam frozen vegetables on sale and I stock up because they are "naked" (no sauce, no seasonings!), were picked at the height of freshness and are done after only 3 1/2 minutes in the microwave! They come out plump, juicy, bright green and perfectly tender every single time and they are the perfect 1 1/2 person serving: a serving for me and 1/2 a serving to offer Emily (yes, I still try every day!), which I end up eating as leftovers the next day because she is still saying; "Ewww, yuck" when I put them on her plate. *sigh* I personally love the sugar snap peas, baby sweet peas, broccoli and green beans with almonds.

Oh well, I'm saving tons of money, tons of time and I'm a lot happier not wasting food, regardless of if she eats her vegetables. :)


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