Kohl's... why didn't anyone tell me?!?!?

Emily still wears a short-sleeve onesie under her clothes and has recently outgrown her 18 month onesies so I have been fretting over where to purchase 24 month onesies... Babies 'R Us no longer carries Carter's White Short-sleeve Onesies (the ONLY ones we buy!) and the nearest Carter's is 35 miles away, argh!!!

This morning I did a search for local Carter's retailers and Kohl's came up.

There is a brand new Kohl's here in Alameda (just opened this month!) and, although I have never been inside a Kohl's, had no idea if I would find what I needed, I decided to go because it is just 1 mile from my house... not a major time commitment for our busy day.

So, we get to Kohl's and I nearly passed out from excitement... have YOU been in a Kohl's?!?! This place was like a shopping MECA, they have everything there, so many popular brands, so many brands I didn't recognize but looked really great and the Children's section, OMG!!! I quickly and easily found the "Toddlers 2T-4T" section and went all googly-eyed over the adorable clothes, accessories, books and toys, yes, toys! Everything was "Buy 1, Get 1 1/2 off" in the Children's section including the 5-packs of Carter's onesies in 24 month so, I stocked up and bought 2 packs of onesies plus two Fisher Price Little People bath toys and two "Take 'n Toss" Thomas the Train cups with lids & straws all for a measly $31.76.

I didn't want to go crazy nor did I want Emily to get restless in her stroller so, after browsing the Children's Section and getting what we needed, we left but I am so excited to take some time to go back over to Kohl's alone so I can browse the Women's and Men's Sections as well as the Home section to see what all they have.

I feel like I have hit the lottery!!!


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