Thursday Thirteen

This week's Thursday Thirteen comes just before Easter so, here are thirteen things we are putting in Emily's Easter Basket this year:

1. 20 new Fisher Price Little People figures - she ADORES them!
2. Pink flip flops
3. Plastic eggs filled with Robin Eggs, pastel colored M&M's and jelly beans
4. A set of Thomas the Train bath toys
5. Three new "How Do Dinasaurs ...." books
6. 3 sets of hairbows
7. Old Navy cotton capris, just in time for warmer weather
8. Gymboree bubble maker and extra bubbles (truly, the BEST bubble maker out there!)
9. Peeps!
10. A puzzle
11. Pop-up books (her #1 favorite thing right now)
12. 2 bracelets ($1 aisle at Target!) because she loves to play dress up
13. Plastic eggs filled with quarters for her piggy bank (she's really into putting money in her bank now)


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