Thursday Thirteen

We have had a heat wave (that is an understatement!!!) here in The Bay Area of California the past 3 days with it topping 90 degrees in San Francisco yesterday and I think I can speak on behalf of all of us that live without air conditioning... we are fed up with this heat; thank goodness it cools off tomorrow!

So, because of the heat and how irritated, grouchy and down-right depressed it makes me, this week's Thursday Thirteen is a list of the thirteen things I despise about the heat:

1. I. JUST. CAN'T. SLEEP!!! argh...
2. We barely eat anything because it's too hot to turn on the stove to cook anything
3. Sweaty feet
4. 87 degrees inside, 82 degrees outside... that's just foul!!!
5. Wasting gas to drive to places that have A/C or just to be in the car to soak up the A/C
6. Feeling parched no matter how much water you guzzle
7. Wearing extra sunscreen, blech! I hate how greasy I feel all day long
8. The glare from the sidewalk
9. Seeing my trees, flowers and vegetables burn up and get all crusty because the water evaporates so quickly after watering
10. The "BUZZZZZZZZZZ" of the fans we have going at all hours to try and keep cool
11. Our PG&E bill after running those fans for hours on end
12. Feeling exhausted and only wanting to lay around
13. Taking cold showers just to cool off before going to bed

Did I mention that I just can't sleep?!?!? Ugh... :(


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