Thursday Thirteen

I'm having my FIRST EVER GARAGE SALE this weekend and I'm actually super excited; I'm excited to clean out our closets and drawers; I'm excited to finally (hopefully!) get rid of all Emily's old toys that we've been storing in our garage for a year; I'm excited to organize, label and price everything; and I'm really excited to finally have an excuse to use a gigantic black marker on a gigantic piece of cardboard!!!

I know, I AM so weird! :)

So, because of my FIRST EVER GARAGE SALE this weekend, this week's Thursday Thirteen is dedicated to all the stuff I am excited to (hopefully!) get rid of:

1. All the books I have read a dozen times that Half-Priced Books won't buy from me because they have a million copies already.
2. The three trash bags of clothes I haven't worn in a year that are stuffed up under our bed.
3. My old Swiffer Sweeper Vac and Swiffer Mop, both still working but that soooooooooooo don't hold a candle to my new Shark Sweeper Vac and Shark Steam Mop!
4. Six coats we've all outgrown but keep moving with us
5. All my scrapbooking supplies, tools and paper... I'm soooooooooooo over it!
6. My maternity clothes, body pillow from 3 years ago
7. Emily's old, electronic, infant toys... three trash bags full!
8. My set of Rachel Ray Cookbooks (I have all the good recipes memorized)
9. Two Coach handbags with matching wallets and skinny wristlets
10. Unused candles, picture frames and photo albums given to us as gifts that we don't use
11. The two trash bags of clothes Emily has outgrown, some with tags still on them (yes, I am embarrassed!)
12. 2 lamps
13. Miscellaneous hats, scarves, jewelry and even a rug

These are just some of the things as David has informed me he has a lot of stuff to add to my pile in the garage. Let's hope our sale is a success... garage sales are a LOT of work!


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