"Up!" Wrap Party

A few pics at home with my hubby and my mom before we left for the party

Pixar has done it again: a beautiful, heartfelt, charming film and a fabulous premiere party!!!

This year's celebration was held in two locations: the movie was shown at The Paramount Theater and the Reception was held at the new, Fox Theater... both exquisite facilities and the staff Pixar hires every year to ensure our safety and comfort went above & beyond to care for us throughout the night. A super fun "extra" this year was the candy buffet for us to enjoy during the film!

Me with the Paramount Theater "Candy Girl", double-fisted (of course!) and excited for the show to begin!

In my seat at The Paramount Theater hardly able to contain my excitement to see "Up!"

Me and David at The Paramount Theater after seeing "Up" and about to walk to The Fox Theater for the party

Hubby and I outside The Fox Theater, ready to get our party on!

We always count our blessings but maybe count a bit more on premiere night as we take in the fruits of David's labor from the previous year, mingle and catch up with friends, eat lavish food & drink ourselves silly (we do take a cab!) and pose for the obligatory photos in formal black tie attire... what a treat to get to celebrate Pixar's success year after year and not a day goes by that we don't thank God for it all.

The movie truly is wonderful, perfect for so many age groups with a poignant, adult, underlying theme that will have even YOUR husband in tears at least once throughout the 2 hours, I promise!

Here's to continued success and make sure you go see "Up!" in theaters on May 29th!!!


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