Thursday Thirteen

With Mother's Day (my favorite holiday!) coming up this Sunday, I decided to dedicate this week's Thursday Thirteen to all things Mom!

Thirteen things I love about being a mom:

1. The unconditional love I give to & receive from my daughter - absolutely NOTHING in the entire world can compare nor can anyone else ever understand until they are mothers
2. The new bond I have with my own mother and being able to share another part of my life with her
3. Cartoons!!!
4. Getting to order things from the Kid's Menu at restaurants
5. Shopping for toddler-sized clothes & shoes
6. Emily's birthday parties and our annual family vacations together - two highlights of the year!
7. The very special group of friends I have made over the last 3 years that I otherwise would NOT have met - New Parent Support Groups are the best!!!
8. Finally having an excuse to use that big, comfortable "Mother's Lounge" at Nordstrom's and the "Family Restroom" at Target
9. Not feeling weird about spending an hour going up and down the toy aisles
10. Having strangers (and friends!) tell me what a great job I am doing raising my daughter; how well-mannered she is and how much she looks like me... I just love that, it's incredibly rewarding
11. Passing on family traditions
12. Getting a special day dedicated to me and all that I do as a mother, every year
13. Dressing up for Halloween


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