The California Academy of Sciences

Today, Christine, Becky, Patty and I all took the kiddoes into the City to The California Academy of Sciences and it was AWESOME!!!

It's HUGE and yet, well-contained and laid out for the huge crowds (expect them!) and has two fence-in areas outside to sit and eat and just let the kids run around to burn off some energy. It's located in Golden Gate Park and has a huge, underground parking garage that really makes the trip there so much more pleasurable! They have a great cafe, bathrooms with changing tables on every floor (there are 3) and the cutest shops to purchase suveniers. I honestly can't wait to return with just David so the two of us can actually look at all the exhibits! A lot of my time today was making sure I could see Emily and/or had a hold of her hand. Likes most almost-3-year-olds, she just wanted to dart off and look at everything, it was really overwhelmind! I'm so glad the group agreed to arrive right when they opened at 9:30AM to avoid the lines to get in and to enjoy the Academy when it was less crowded.

Today, we tackled all the exhibits including the Aquarium but avoided The Rainforest because the line, as expected, was out the door and around the building! We'll save that for another day!


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