Father's Day 2009

Today was David's very special day, a day to honor him for being such a wonderful provider for our family and, like the good wife I am, I told him he could choose what we did all day today.

We started with a breakfast of banana chocolate chip waffles and fruit that I make from scratch, a quick stop at Starbuck's so he could get his very favorite drink and then, a trip out to Pleasanton for a day of shopping at Stoneridge Mall. He had a gift certificate he'd been saving since Christmas, which he used to purchase some new jeans and he had two pairs of jeans he needed to have hemmed so, we dropped those off as well. I returned a bathingsuit that was oh-so-unflattering to Nordstrom's and then, we enjoyed lunch at P.F. Chang's. They even made fried rice for Emily WITHOUT the veggies and WITHOUT the eggs and she literally gobbled up every bite! I had also packed her a small lunch of ham, cheese, crackers and grapes that she ended up eating as well... with chopsticks! Yes, my 2 3/4 year old can use chopsticks, with that little plastic helper of course but still, she can use them!

We got home in time for Emily to take her nap, which provided David & I almost 3 hours of relaxation and quiet time to read and play video games. :)

We took Emily to the park after her nap and after getting her all settled into bed for the night, David & I settled ourselves into huge glasses of wine and fired up the grill for steaks! Yummy!

It truly was a perfect day to spend as a family!

Thank you, David, for all that you do for our family! We love you, cherish you, appreciate you and thank GOD we have you in our lives.

Happy Father's Day!!!


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