Foaming Facial Cleanser... anyone else?

Over the course of my life, I have tried so many facial cleansers and have found the one I love most and it's the foaming facial cleanser.

The cream cleansers leave my face feeling greasy and I never quite feel like I get it all off!

The gel cleansers you have to lather in your hands first annoy the crap out of me because 1/2 of what you pump in your hand ends up in the sink, not on your face... argh!

The foaming facial cleansers come out already "lathered", ready to go on your face, thus, you use a lot less. They rinse off completely clean, without leaving my face feeling dried out and most smell really great! I just can never use anything else now that Aveeno has spoiled me to the best Foaming Facial Cleanser out there, in my opinion! ;)


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