SYTYCD - Week 1 Performances

I know I'm not the only obsessed fan out there that picks up the phone to vote each week... right?

Who else LOVES So You Think You Can Dance?!?!?

Anyone else have favorite couples right off the bat, like me?

I love love love Kayla and Max, Caitlin and Jason, Randi and Evan, and Phillip and Janine... just based off their auditions and their first performances last night. These couples just completely rocked it and looked amazing in their costumes! It seems their chemistry with each other was perfect as well!

Melissa & Ade - beautiful routine and great chemistry but I'm not in-love with them just yet.

Ashley & Kupono - I'm sorry, that Crash Test Dummies routine was absurd, I did NOT get it. It wasn't entertaining and completely lost me. I'm not sure people will pick up the phone and vote for them. :(

Paris & Tony - their stank totally stank! This routine was just not memorable nor vote worthy, I think they will go home.

Asuka & Vultonio - super cute routine but again, not GREAT, not memorable, too safe.

Brandon & Jeanette - he's just plain amazing, an extraordinary dancer, strong and gorgeous to watch and she really shined in her Latin/Ballroom element. I really loved their routine and hope they are safe this week!

Karla & Jonathan - unfortunately, their Cha Cha was not nearly as exciting as the Samba done by Kayla & Max and it's going to be easy for American to compare them to each other.

What did you think?


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