SYTYCD - Week 2 Performances

So, it Mary Murphy going to admit to anymore Botox-usage this week? haha! :)

Randi & Evan - picked jive and neither have done that style yet, both made it look effortless and super F. U. N!!! They are both so loveable, I can see America picking up the phone for them every week, regardless of which style of dance they get.

Melissa & Ade - picked jazz and Ade was obviously excited because he's getting to work with Sonja... who wouldn't be? :) Love Sonja but her routines can be weird, this one was... strange, I didn't see much love/hate (maybe it was the lack of facial expressions from Melissa & Ade) but I just hated their costumes. Eh, not everyone loves every style.

Caitlin & Jason - picked hip hop and I thought they did such a great job! Very sharp! Can you say SEEEEXXXYYYYY??? Wow, the chemistry was definitely there between them and they are also one of those couples that America is going to love, regardless of what the judges think of their performance.

Brandon & Jeanette - picked Disco and I just have to say, for the record, this is my LEAST FAVORITE dance style of them all. I just hate it and never feel like any of the dancers do that great of a job but **OMG they killed it!!!** They were just so entertaining to watch, their lifts and gymnastics were so cool and their faces really drew me in to the spirit of this dance I love to hate. Brandon is so animated and loud with his movement and Jeanette is, too - perfect partners, great routine! LOVED IT!

Asuka & Vutolio - picked Waltz. She looked magnificent, beautiful, breathless, perfect. He looked dapper, strong and yet vulnerable, nothing like someone who's never danced ballroom before. LOVED this routine and really grew to love this couple. I agree with Mary - it was painfully beautiful.

Kayla & Maz - picked pop jazz. This routine was so freaking cool, very Britney Spears! Max totally impressed me seeing as how he has a ballroom background and this routine really showcased Kayla's talent in every way. They are such a strong couple, a great fit, I will be picking up the phone for them!

Jonathan & Karla - picked contemporary with a brand new choreographer, Stacey Tookie. I'm not at all biased because they danced to one of my favorite songs... this dance was really great, fluid, beautiful, natural, sexy, gave me goosebumps. I wasn't a huge fan of this couple last week but I am watchin them now! Their chemistry in this routine was really great and I, too am spellbound.

Phillip & Janine - picked tango. Neither had a stitch of previous latin experience and yet, I think they totally pulled it off. Phillip was strong, agressive, manly and very sexy although he had a few technical errors and was a bit clumsy. Janine was slinky, sexy, entertaining and pretty technically correct. They are still one of my top couples, I love them together and I think America will pick up the phone for them.

Ashley & Kupono - picked hip hop. LOVED this routine and the shadow concept. They both looked sharp and H. O. T. Great unison to their moves, Ashley was super sexy and Kupono was hard-hitting and sexy himself. They did Shane Sparks proud and I have changed my tune about this couple, from last week, as well. Unlike the judges, I was not underwhelmed, I really liked it!

Who will go home? Who will be in the bottom three?


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